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Thog's Masterclass. Dept of the Uncensored. 'The Time Lord stopped, though horror was fisting his soul ...' (Mick Lewis, Dr Who: Rags, 2001) [GH]

• 'And if she sat still she imagined she could feel meat growing, shoving up beneath her boyish nipples.' (Joe Haldeman, Worlds, 1981) [DC]

Dept of Experimental Physics. 'His quick-thinking brain told him that, with a slight adjustment of his atomic "sprayer", and used in the close proximity of the water, which had great density, judging by its appearance, he stood a chance of turning the atoms making up Peters, Van and the rest, into a genuine atomic cloud. If that cloud rose to the surface of the hole, and his sprayer still operated, he should be able, with a final shot into the centre of the cloud, reverse the process because of the absence of water, and reconstitute his friends into their normal shapes. Their atoms, in other words, would be drawn together again to make them into human beings.' (Terence Haile, Galaxies Ahead, Digit 1963)

• '"What is this?" he yelled defiantly at the strange vessel. "How dare you attack someone who is over a million years old?"' (Ibid.)

(Ansible 165)