Thog's Masterclass

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Thog's Masterclass. Dept of Heat Quanta. '... The temperature in the oval control chamber started to climb rapidly, at first half a degree at a time, then in jumps of five and ten degrees ...' (Con Steffanson [Ron Goulart], The Lion Men of Mongo, 1974) [BA]

Pathetic Fallacy Dept. 'The air grew so thick with tension that even the wind outside backed off to a safe distance.' (Greg Vilk, Golem, 2005)

Dept of Persistent Engrams. 'Doug fought the memory. It had happened before he'd been born.' (Ben Bova, Moonwar, 1997) [AR]

Arcane Similarity Dept. 'Daren was as randy as Kero was discreet. ... We're too much alike.' (Mercedes Lackey, By the Sword, 1991) [TMcD]

(Ansible 225)