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Thog's Masterclass. True Romance Dept Returns: 'He impaled her and their two bodies melted together, limbs fusing, faces haloed by radiant neural coronae that conjoined their brains. Their minds sang together in a duet of mental intercourse more ecstatic than that of the body. He opened his uttermost depths to her. She did not hesitate to reciprocate and in the aftermath of the ringing consummation they caught a brief glimpse of what they had been searching for.' (Julian May, Magnificat, 1996) [NE]

• 'I don't think liquidizing a frog in a blender can be considered serious scientific research, Swire.' (Peter James, Twilight, 1991) [PB]

• 'Neither was the fact that they smelled bad enough to gag a skunk. That would have to wait.' Our correspondent deplores the omission of the promised skunk-gagging scene. (Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six, 1998) [JMF]

• 'Terry threw herself into the job like an impatient suicide off a low bridge.' 'Franco arrived home that evening with the haunted stare of a destitute diabetic in a strange city at night.' 'She succumbed to the rutting stamina unleashed by the notion that they were indifferent strangers chosen for selfish, carnal, anonymous pleasures.' (all Rock 'Son of Yul' Brynner, The Doomsday Report, 1998) [MMW]

Dept of Mendelian Insight: '"I wonder, John," said Piers to Rattray, "is this ability to engineer an antigravity drive a hereditary thing ...?"' ('J.M.H. Lovegrove', The Krilov Continuum, 1998)

(Ansible 133)