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Thog's Masterclass. Inscrutable Technology Dept. 'Just how they could get a device as small as this to orbit an entire sun system at such a distance is beyond me.' (Philip E. High, 'Bottomless Pit', New Worlds 128, March 1963) [JB]

Dept of Anatomy. 'Holmes and Lowell were overcome, hearts contorted in their throats.' (Matthew Pearl, The Dante Club, 2003) [EO]

Heredity Dept. 'Walmsbury, not yet nineteen, had inherited the effulgent brouhaha of his strain.' (Noel Langley, 'Scene for Satan', Saturday Evening Post, 1947) [AR]

Dept of Cybersalesmanship. 'This is the Model 899D57 ... the newest and the best. The cyb circuit can analyze a sequence in half a minute, give or take a few seconds ... There are flashing lights, too – all over the board.' (Frank Belknap Long, The Strange Tomorrow, 1966) [AR]

'As You Don't Know, Bob ...' '"Have you ever heard of Frederick Carswell's hypothesis of superimposed suns in overlapping or doubled back space?" Crowley shook his head. "Well ... very few people have."' (Ibid)

Use of Weapons Dept. 'Nothing short of a machine gun could have stopped Gog in his first outburst! He was finally subdued with tear gas.' (John Taine, G.O.G. 666, 1954) [AR]

(Ansible 252)