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Thog's Masterclass. Dept of Equine Anatomy. 'Terrence knew he would have to stop several times and pick out his mare's hooves, but at least it wouldn't be the thick, forelock-deep goop that could suck the shoes off a horse ...' (Raymond Feist, 'The Riftwar' in Legends II, 2003) [LG]

Neat Tricks Dept. 'He kissed Bridget lightly on the cheek and there was an awkward moment as he pulled back while she leaned forward to kiss the other.' (John Darnton, The Darwin Conspiracy, 2005) [PB]

Dept of Lingering Heat. 'It was hotter than Hamish thought it could get anywhere beyond a volcanic caldera.' (Kurt R.A. Giambastini, Unraveling Time, 2006) [PM]

Massage Dept. 'Elizabeth crossed her legs and stroked Ariel's spine with a frown.' (David Weber, Field of Dishonor, 1994) [AC]

Dept of Chemical Arcana. 'He wasn't a chemist, but he had spent a couple of years studying organic chemistry. Changing just one number or a couple of letters, he knew, could mean two very different compounds.' (Ian Smith, The Blackbird Papers, 2004) [PB]

Fortuitous Furniture Dept. 'He was sitting on a chair which happened to be near him.' (John Brunner, The Shockwave Rider, 1975) [LH]

(Ansible 238)