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Thog's Masterclass. Doorphobia Dept. 'Cray turned away from the unyielding door of the cabin with a feeling that his guts had dissolved, his legs had turned into viable liquid, and where his nerves had once been, icy rivulets of pure fear now surrounded, enmeshed and threatened his entire being.' ('Karl Zeigfreid', Barrier 346, 1965)

Neat Tricks Dept. 'The old man opened his eyes metaphorically.' ('John E. Muller', The Ultimate Man, 1961)

Loss of Face Dept. 'I watched him turn from pale to ashen in about two seconds flat; his face tried to drain away but never got past his Adam's apple, which bobbed convulsively as he did his best to swallow it.' (Laurence Payne, Knight Fall, 1987) [MD]

(Ansible 265)