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Thog's Masterclass. Fortean Physics Dept. 'But what I mean is that if the ether is strong enough to convey from one central point to the ends of the Earth music and speech, and all the other things that are so broadcast, why shouldn't there be in space a kind of super-ether that will support mighty floating islands?' (Professor A.M. Low, Adrift in the Stratosphere, 1937)

Dept of Spaceship Performance. '... it seems that either the weight gets out or gravity gets in ...' (John Stafford Gowland, Beyond Mars, 1956) [KFS/IC]

Superluminal Physics Dept. '"We are already more than a light-year away from Earth." "In seven hours? And that's how many trillion miles?" "Quite a few," said Swainson. "So even to go home – below light speed, it might take us nearly a year to get there."' (Deathstar Voyage, Ian Wallace, 1969) [DB]

Dept of Scientific Jargon. 'As you know, the Masters possess a positive potential of several thousand bratilgrovits on which they depend for motivation. That potential is drawn from the positive static in the body of Conzan [a moon of the planet Pirivar] itself ...' '... you mean to create a fusing circuit within a Master ... Their bodies are positive in character, the mechanism actuated through the medium of a minute negative potential drawn from the girdle radiations of Pirivar itself ...' 'Exactly! And on such a basis of theory, if a strong negative discharge were introduced so as to impinge on the collectivators a fusing element would be introduced ... They would, therefore, be paralysed by the negative contact of a charged shaft of electronic particles.' And so probably would you. (Arn Romilus [Dennis Hughes], Brain Palaeo, 1953) [BA]

Health & Safety Dept. ' – if you're going to traverse thin ice, you might as well dance your way across!' (Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Fury, 1993) [TMcD]

(Ansible 233)