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Thog's Masterclass. Novel Fantasy Scenarios Dept. 'It was hinted that the mythical sorceress, Aslewzia, had returned from her ice cave tomb where she had long been interred by heroes and wizards of eld, sealed with the Seven Abominable Signs of Umdrilkesh. Fear was in the land, in the snow, in the icy air, in the whispers of grand dames and grand sires, in the squealings of children and in the murmurings in the courts of kings. It was always the same: "Aslewzia the Eight-Armed, the Weaver of the Web of Death, the Spider Witch, the Long-Interred Sorceress, the Sorceress of Bale, is coming and will once again be among us to reestablish her Ice Throne of Topaz and Carnelian."' (Michael J. Fantina, 'Return of the Spider Witch', Strange Tales 4:2, 2005) [DL]

Dept of Possible Influences. 'The city slept. Men slept. Women slept. Children slept. Dogs and cats slept.' (Leo Brett [Lionel Fanthorpe], March of the Robots, 1961)

Astrogation Dept. 'I was wondering if we could find some cloud of dust to anchor to ...' (Clive Trent [Victor Rousseau], 'Human Pyramid', Spicy-Adventure Stories, April 1941) [DL]

Dept of Emotional Diagnosis. 'My face drew back from my skull as if I were vomiting and tears ran from my eyes like blood from gashes. I was sad – ' (Neal Stephenson, Anathem, 2008) [AR]

Stony Expressions Dept. 'Her face seemed to have been stripped from a Mt. Rushmore of condescension.' (Katherine Neville, The Fire, 2008) [MMW]

House of Flying Digits Dept. 'He hurled his pointing finger at Gizamon, then pounded his fist on his chest.' (Laura Joh Rowland, The Snow Empress, 2007) [TAG]

Dept of Too Much Vindaloo. 'She was a human arrow, burning flames at both ends, fired toward a single purpose.' (Ibid)

(Ansible 260)