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Thog's Masterclass. 'When he sauntered into the squad room that bright mid-May morning, Detective Joe Slatterly raised the only other pair of eyebrows in the room, those of his partner Tom England.' (William T. Sampson, 'All in a Day's Work', Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, 4/97) [MMW]

• 'Muffled through wood, and howl hooted in the distance, a swift surge and halt that thrilled her boneward. There was a message in that sound, a message that resonated and spread like the bloom of a bell. She couldn't hear it or she refused. But uprising from the earth, the palm-press she'd felt earlier closed on that sound in a precise mesh.' ... 'Love Bunny smiled and Katt noted that, pretty as she was, her teeth stalactited out of high pink gums.' (both Robert Devereaux, Walking Wounded, 1996)

• Flyers for The Gor Project littered Eastercon: these drooled over plans for a John Norman-based colour magazine 'in the vein of Heavy Metal and the Savage Sword of Conan', resurrecting those literary wonders that were 'Blacklisted by the feminist movement in the late 1980's' and guaranteed to 'contain not only extremely graphic violence, but slavery, bondage and erotica, not to mention oppression, starvation, suffering and death.' Know your market.

(Ansible 117)