Thog's Masterclass

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Thog's Masterclass. Transubstantiation Dept. 'This Caramon pooled, ordering the grain pounded into flour or maize' (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, War of the Twins, 1986) [TW]

Likeness Dept. 'They weren't human; they were a new species. Humanlike, but not like them.' Blues Dept. 'The bassist was a tall, pretty older woman whose rugged looks matched her jeans.' (both Paul Black, The Tels, 2003) [PB]

Physiognomy Dept. 'He does a little shifting of the eyes under this shit-eating grin ...' (Steve Martini, Undue Influence, 1994) [PB]

Strange Allergens Dept. 'Primavera put a finger to my lips, her nose wrinkling in an allergy of indecision.' (Richard Calder, Dead Girls, 1993) [BA]

Thin Red Line Dept. '... battalions of blood marching into formation on the parade ground of his face.' (Malcolm Knox, A Private Man, 2004.) [KH]

(Ansible 201)