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Thog's Masterclass. When Phone Calls Were Exciting Dept. 'A telephone buzzed, and through the electric nerves of a consummate civilization, Destiny made the first outreach of its tentacles and contacted with Francis Morgan in the library of the mansion his father had builded on Eivenside Drive.' (Jack London, Hearts of Three, 1920) [MMW]

Dept of Involuntary Reaction. 'He would surely see Nancy Drummond there, he thought with a spurt of excitement.' (Barbara Cleverly, The Last Kashmiri Rose, 2001) [PB]

Flowers of Rhetoric Gone to Seed Dept. 'Her face had the fragrance of a gibbous moon. The scent of fresh snow. Her eyes were dark birds in fresh snow. They were the birds' shadows; they were old mirrors; they were the legends on old charts. They were antique armor and the tears of dragons. Her brows were a raptor's sharp, anxious wings. They were a pair of scythes. Her ears were a puzzle carved in ivory. Her teeth were her only bracelet; she carried them within the red velvet purse of her lips. Her tongue was amber. Her tongue was a ferret, an anemone, a fox caught in the teeth of a tiger. [...] Her buttocks were fresh-baked loaves; they were ivory eggs, they were the eggs of the lonely phoenix. They were a fist.' (Ron Miller, Silk and Steel, 1992. The list of this lady's features occupies two pages; Thog became over-excited by 'Her breasts ...' and 'Her pubes ...'.)

(Ansible 342)