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Thog's Masterclass. Crossing the Jordan Dept. 'Suddenly he pressed the looking glass to his eye as a woman galloped a tall black horse.' 'Worry [...] ate inside him like a ferret trying to burrow out of his middle.' 'Perrin shut out the rest, no easy task, with his ears.' 'That old woman reminded Sevenna of a landslide plunging down a mountain.' 'He sounded like a bumblebee the size of a cat instead of a mastiff.' 'The Ajas sent to the Keeper whatever dribbles from their own eyes-and-ears they were willing to share.' (all Robert Jordan, A Crown of Swords, 1994) [AR] 'Her eyebrows climbed as she directed her gaze back to them, eyes black as her white-winged hair, a demanding stare of impatience so loud she might as well have shouted.' (Robert Jordan, The Path of Daggers, 1998) [AR] 'The tea had gone cold, but honey exploded on her tongue.' 'After a moment, his chin moved, the vestige of a nod.' 'Loial's ears trembled with caution, now.' (all Robert Jordan, Crossroads of Twilight, 2003) [AR]

Shapeshifter Dept: The Final Frontier. '"Ling!" Meg snapped at one point. "Human beings have two ears, and each is at the side of the face. That's better."' (H.J. Campbell, Another Space – Another Time, 1953) [BA]

Third Eye Dept. 'There was a long silence while Kitty, still with arms tightly folded, studied him from between narrowed eyes.' (John Dickson Carr, The Devil in Velvet, 1951) [PB]

(Ansible 275)