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Thog's Masterclass. 'Jocelyn came through the fog wall, muttering, her breasts swaying like two angry red eyes looking for a fight.' (Greg Benford, Furious Gulf, 1994) [JCo]

• 'The dictator's wild barbaric eyes danced around the room as though amusing themselves, while the brain behind them thought out some new, and more diabolical scheme.' ('Pel Torro', Formula 29X, 1963) ... 'The grey voice of the grey Seaforth glided greyly on to their ears, like a tide of putrescent grey molasses.' (Ibid, 'The Room With the Broken Floor', 1962) [BH]

• 'Wellcome slapped his brow and let his celluloid smile glide across the room.' (Esther Friesner, 'How to Make Unicorn Pie', F&SF 1/99) [MMW]

Dept of Feminist Insight: '"That's a load of doggie muffins and you know it," snorted Rusty. "She's just like any other female. She just acts kinda highbrow sometimes."' (S.D. Howe, 'Wrench and Claw', Analog 11/98) [KT]

• 'His head was a stone sinking up to the ears between his knees.' (Ricardo Pinto, The Chosen, 1998) [JC]

(Ansible 137)