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Thog's Masterclass. Dept of Neat Tricks. 'He sat cross-legged before the Prisoner's Pillar, a smile held to his face only by the fortitude of his small flat ears.' (Anne Edwards, Haunted Summer, 1972) [SS]

• 'One of the sailors, who must have been about forty, had only one hand and a star tattooed on the back of the other.' (Patrick Leigh Fermor, The Broken Road, 2013) [AR]

Hard-Boiled Dept. 'A cold front was sticking its tongue out at New York, tasting the edges of it, and – not liking what it found – spitting it back in a short, chilly blast.' (Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins, Murder Never Knocks: A Mike Hammer Novel, 2016) [RF]

Dept of Sedentary Posture. '... she sat down beside him, unmindful of the gravel beach that cut into her knees.' (Donald Kingsbury, Courtship Rite alias Geta, 1982)

Future Business English Dept. Context: Van is annoyed because his stockbroker has failed to sell some shares. '"No buyers? Hop down, father, and jest me not! I'm in no mood for –" "Bible stuff, Van, s'help me. I've been shagging since yesterday. The market's dim." "Then you haven't been shagging hard enough."' (Evan Hunter, 'Malice in Wonderland', January 1954 If) [CN]

(Ansible 348)