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Thog's Masterclass. Simile Dept, Continued. 'They were lifted off the ground like salmon plucked out of the Kushiro River as they headed upstream to spawn in the mountains of Hokkaido.' (Alexander Besher, Rim, 1994) [AK] 'Explosive shurikens flew like punctuation marks above Tomo's head.' (Ibid) 'Like dying spiders his fingers crawled over the control panel, smearing it with blood.' (Frank Schätzing, The Swarm, 2004; trans Sally-Ann Spencer, 2006) [AR]

Dept of Terrifying Imagery. 'He allowed a pregnant pause. "You see, Dr Roche, if tiny insects launched a concerted attack on your nostrils, your finely tuned, highly complex body would be in danger of collapse."' (Ibid)

Very Like A Whale Dept. 'Watching the oil-spattered Dean laugh and jump around reminded him of sitting on his grandfather's knee.' (Ibid)

Dept of Higher Mathematics. 'This is a ninety percent male society ... we outnumber our women two hundred to one.' (Jacquelyn Frank, Hunting Julian, January 2010) [RF]

Said-Bookism Dept. '"I was," he emanated darkly ...' (Ibid)

Dept of Mathematics II. '... there are twenty-one of us, including myself and the signal officer who is on the roof watching for the signal, which, being four squads of four, is exactly the number we ought to have ...' (Steven Brust, Sethra Lavode, 2004) [BA]

(Ansible 270)