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Thog's Masterclass. Newtonian Dept. 'It is impossible to shrug one's shoulders in free fall; the motion sends you flying across the cabin, and Brian was too well-trained to make waste motions of that sort.' (Marion Zimmer Bradley, 'The Climbing Wave', F&SF February 1954) [JBos]

Spare Parts Dept. 'Botha slipped out of his chair. It rocked briefly in his absence, then steadied to await the next set of perambulating buttocks.' (Alan Dean Foster, Diuturnity's Dawn, 2002) [GS]

Dept of Innovative Nomenclature. 'An emerald-green material paneled the room, neither glass nor wood, but something in between. She christened it "glass-wood"'. (Catherine Asaro, Skyfall, 2003) [PH]

Nuclear Doom Dept (or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Hold My Breath). '"It's certain," Dardanus was saying, "that the cobalt bomb, so incontinently exploded twenty-five years ago in the Pacific Ocean, robbed the planet of its atmosphere for at least thirty minutes. There's no need for me to recall the causes – superheating of the ionosphere, followed by elevation of the heavier atoms and a partial band of vacuum encircling the globe. It's possible that at least half the molecules existing at that time reached escape velocity and were lost into outer space...."' (Martin Jordan, 'Sheamus', Science Fantasy 14, 6/1955) [JBos]

(Ansible 199)