Thog's Masterclass

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Thog's Masterclass. Dept of Temporal Science. 'The remains gave off a strong earth smell. It suggested great age, century piled upon century in which this jumble of now articulated bones had lain forgotten in the volcanic silt of John Day Canyon. They had been ancient already when Christ reportedly spun fishes and loaves from thin air. Older still when Moses allegedly parted the Red Sea.' (Kirk Mitchell, Ancient Ones, 2001) [NR]

Dept of Splendid Simile. 'He sounded like a dead child discovering that eternity is some buzzing, languorous dream of Bath.' (M. John Harrison, 'Running Down', 1975) [BA]

Dept of Strange Endowments. 'Her slender chest rose and fell gently and slowly with her sleeping inhalations, her small breasts and rather larger nipples outdenting the flimsy fabric of her ragged tunic ...' (Fritz Leiber, The Knight and Knave of Swords, 1988) [BA]

(Ansible 176)