Thog's Masterclass

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Thog's Masterclass. 'They looked at each other with naked eyes.' (Gordon R. Dickson, Young Bleys, 1991)

• 'The marshland had run for a day's walk.' (Mick Farren, The Texts of Festival, 1973) ... 'The bazooka rang like a tuning fork.' (Tom Monteleone, Seeds of Change, 1975) [LM]

• 'He felt as if he'd been thrown out of a helicopter with a mountain tied to his back.' (Lewis Shiner, Frontera, 1984) [AT]

• 'Their range was, within limits, virtually unlimited.' (A.J. Merak, No Dawn And No Horizon, 1959) [SH]

• 'He was handsome and blond, with the same height and almost the same muscular build as Chastity, except her chest-circumference measurement involved different lumps from his.' (Robert L. Forward, Saturn Rukh, 1997) [SHS]

(Ansible 123)