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Thog's Masterclass. 'His mossy, crimson eyebrows threatened to leap off his face and attack at any moment.' (Jayme Lynne Blaschke, 'The Dust', 1998) [AS]

• 'With one last crushing gesture he crammed his fist to his ears and dropped dead.' 'A rabbit thumped and ran in Timothy's chest.' '"Like ghosts?" "Which use people's ears to look out their eyes!"' (all Ray Bradbury, From the Dust Returned, 2001) [PB]

• 'She had an annoying habit of running her tongue over his teeth, and as she did that, he realised there was absolutely nothing between them.' (Jackie Collins, Hollywood Wives: The New Generation, 2001) [JB]

• 'Philip retreated into the insect personality, growing almost silent except for his constant cries for help ...' (Robert I. Katz, Edward Maret, 2001) [PB]

• 'The last chance to stop the operation had passed by. The die was now cast, if not yet thrown.' (Tom Clancy, Debt of Honor, 1994) [ST]

(Ansible 171)