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Thog's Masterclass. 'Somehow, the mackerel paté of memory had escaped its wrapper, skipped its kitchen dish, and turned into a flickering silver shoal, darting and twisting in terror against an empty darkness.' ('Gabriel King', The Wild Road, 1997) [BA]

Dept of Maths (Three Orders Of Magnitude subdivision). 'A man could be made to slash his throat in a quarter of a minute. An exec, killing, killing, killing without pause, could destroy his own two million enemies in an eight-hour day.' (Frederik Pohl, A Plague of Pythons, 1965 ... corrected, to be fair, in the 1984 revision) [BA]

Dept of Climbing Plants. 'There were clumps of forest filled with strange, intertwined trees and brachiating fungi.' (Alan Dean Foster, Star Wars: The Approaching Storm, 2002)

(Ansible 175)