Thog's Masterclass

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Thog's Masterclass. 'With gruesome relish, Lena kept topping herself during the long hike east from the Rimmer Range.' (David Brin, Infinity's Shore, 1996)

• 'Dorman felt all of his muscles growing tense in preparation for an encounter that he could not hope to avoid if his voice carried less far than it would have done if he had been just a little nearer.' (Frank Belknap Long, 'Monster From Out of Time')

• 'Circling us ominously, its huge vanes flapping like the wings of a hungry vampire bat, was a stark white helicopter ...' (Kendell Foster Crossen, Year of Consent, 1954) [BA]

• 'Even in the black slacks and sweatshirt, the curves of her rock-hard body undulated without mercy.' (Steve Perry & Gary A. Braunbek, Isaac Asimov's I-Bots: Time Was, 1998) [FR]

Dept of T.S. Eliot Imagery: 'And now I can sense Penelope's influence everywhere, like a faint pollutant distorting the light, creating gaudy, unnatural sunsets like a disembowelled horse spreading its guts across the heavens.' (James Miller, 'Weak End' in Dark Terrors 4, 1998) [PB]

(Ansible 135)