Thog's Masterclass

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Thog's Masterclass. Creature Features Dept. 'Brown John studied her smile as it performed about her face.' 'She seemed to be frowning, but it was difficult to tell. Her firm smooth forehead was barely co-operating.' 'Her eyes were large, beautiful, wet wounds.' 'She twisted, rolled again until she was a ball of soft shadows exposing only a pink earlobe, warm, tender and inviting.' 'It was as if her lips were a perch where a soldier could stand guard.' (James Silk, Death Dealer: Prisoner of the Horned Helmet, 1988) [AR]

Dept of Constructive Metaphor. 'She takes grains of truth and builds them into vast deserts.' (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Paul of Dune, 2008)

Dept of Neat Tricks with Your Arms Securely Trussed in a Straitjacket. 'Percy yipped with pain and began rubbing his lips. He tried to speak, realized he couldn't do it with a hand over his mouth, and lowered it.' (Stephen King, The Green Mile, part six of the original serial version, 1996) [SK]

(Ansible 255)