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Thog's Masterclass. '"At least it proves he's vulnerable to our energies!" Morton smiled grimly. "Because he rendered them harmless."' (A.E.van Vogt, 'Black Destroyer', 1939) [TM/GF]

• 'Sarah sat opposite the noisy young people with a huge wholemeal sandwich filled with slices of fresh ham and a half pint of Guinness.' (Graham Masterton, 'Fairy Story', 1996) [S]

• 'Sherlock Holmes leafed through the papers with one hand, as with the other he continued to crunch toast and marmalade.' (Colin Bruce, The Strange Case Of Mrs. Hudson's Cat, 1997) [MKK]

• 'One sight-seer shakes his head like a collecting box for a good cause.' ... 'She drifted away from me, her dress clinging to her like a drowned man.' (Jeanette Winterson, The World and Other Places, 1998) [PB]

• 'A muscle fired in her throat and her pupils got big and floaty.' ... 'His eyes were like bottles with something moving at the bottom.' (Windsor Chorlton, Cold Fusion, 1999)

Dept of Raunchy Thrillers: 'The rubber left little to the imagination, and Barazo's face showed its pleasure at the libidinous fission triggered by his woman's colliding nuclei.' ... 'The Gulf Stream was rocking the boat in the cleavage of its D-cup bosomy swells.' (Christopher Buckley, Wet Work, 1991) [MMW]

• 'But there was that rule of engagement that forbade any unavoidable damage to the infrastructure.' (David Sherman and Dan Cragg, Steel Gauntlet [Starfist #3], 1999) Avoidable damage was presumably OK. [SBr]

• 'The men I went there with were killed. Most of them in the first few years. We lost three hundred thousand men on Yeowe. They never talk about it.' (Ursula K. Le Guin, 'Forgiveness Day', 1994) [PB]

(Ansible 139)