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Thog's Masterclass. Revisionist Paleontology Dept. 'The megatherium, the ichthyosaurus have paced the earth with seven-league steps and hidden the day with cloud fast wings.' (George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, 1903) [ECL]

Genealogy Dept Revisited: 'I died to keep you alive, and one day you will die to feed my ancestors.' (Larry Niven and Steve Barnes, The Barsoom Project, 1989) [PM]

Strangulation Dept. 'Shock throttled a sob half spent in her throat.' (Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Farfetch, 1985)

Dept of Heavy Lifting. 'He swung his white smile around the room like a lighthouse.' (Susan Cooper, Over Sea, Under Stone, 1965) [MMW]

Astronomy/Cosmology Dept. 'If his calculations and instruments were correct, he was now outside the home galaxy of the Milky Way and in an entirely new universe, the universe known to him as the Crab Nebula.'

Dept of Preternatural Rigidity. 'He raged and shouted at them from behind the bars which, as she shook them, held as firm as though a fly's feet were touching them.' (both from David Whitaker, The Dr Who Annual, 1965) [LC]

(Ansible 215)