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Thog's Masterclass. Monster Metaphor Dept. '... when beholding the tranquil beauty and brilliancy of the ocean's skin, one forgets the tiger heart that pants beneath it; and would not willingly remember, that this velvet paw but conceals a remorseless fang.' (Herman Melville, Moby-Dick, 1851) [ECL]

Dept of Female Emotion. [She falls into his arms crying:] 'The teacup-sized tears splashed down the front of his shirt ...' (Silas Water, The Man with Absolute Motion, 1955)

Alternative Energy Sources Debunked. '... you dare not use the power of the tides, for that would slow the Earth and destroy its entire ecology ...' (Ibid)

Neat Tricks Dept. 'Her eyebrows did a confused dance across her forehead.' 'Her smile slid to the floor, melting with the frozen snow.' (both Sonny Whitelaw, Stargate SG-1: City of the Gods, 2005) [SM]

(Ansible 283)