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Thog’s Masterclass. Anatomy Dept. ‘Picard felt his shoulder muscle contract with expectation.’ (Leslie Whitten, Progeny of the Adder, 1965) [LP]
Wobbly Bits. ‘... breasts like poached eggs ...’ (Jilly Cooper, Riders, 1985)
Astrogation Dept. ‘We’re moving away from the Milky Way, which means we must be travelling in the direction of our solar system.’ (Vargo Statten [John Russell Fearn], Laughter in Space, 1952) [DR]
In Space No One Can... ‘fear was a sibilant whispering in the ether’. (Lee Gregor [Milton A. Rothman], ‘Asteroid’, Astonishing, February 1940)
Dept of Bodily Enhancement. ‘Her powerful, supple arms were corded with the smooth-flowing muscles of a boa constrictor.’ (Don A. Stuart [John W. Campbell], ‘Cloak of Aesir’, Astounding, March 1939) [BA]
As We See Us Dept. ‘It’s axiomatic that a man with a rifle is the most efficient predator.’ (H. Beam Piper, Fuzzies and Other People, 1984)
Flowers of Rhetoric. ‘She put her book in her lap and squinted at him as if he were a marmalade cat she happened upon in a cemetery on the moon.’ ‘... because he was nothing but a little impotent nothing – a Dutchman with his canals drained and sluices clogged.’ ‘... the coup de foudre, into his brain into his heart into his cock and balls, straight down to his big toe.’ ‘... forms suggestive of blurry sexual organs decomposing in space.’ (all Frederic Tuten, Van Gogh’s Bad Café, 1997) [PB]

(Ansible 389)