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Thog's Masterclass. Out-of-Context Entendre. 'Dinah didn't mention the other reason, which was that the biggest part of Sean's package was so screamingly radioactive that it couldn't be allowed anywhere near Izzy.' (Neal Stephenson, Seveneves, 2015) [JC]

Dept of X-Ray Vision. 'Not for the first time, a cold fist appeared deep within her stomach.' (Becky Chambers, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, 2014)

Tone of Voice Dept. '"Just for one, Miss?" the waitress asked in a long black-skirted uniform.' (Fiona McIntosh, The Last Dance, 2015) [YR]

Neat Tricks. '... having spent a sleepless night, filled with uncomfortable dreams ...' (Priscilla Masters, Slipknot, 2007) [PB]

Dept of Synaesthesia. 'I heard Learner then, a noise so soft and invisible it wouldn't mean anything unless you knew what it was.' (John Burnham Schwartz, Reservation Road, 1998) [PB]

Feminist Sympathy Dept. 'Connie had a wry, compact intelligence, a firm little clitoris of discernment and sensitivity ...' (Jonathan Franzen, Freedom, 2010) [J]

Dept of Extreme Etiquette. 'But one does not scream with a beer barrel tap inserted deep into one's jugular vein ...' (Jack Oleck, The Vault of Horror, 1973) [BA]

(Ansible 335)