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Thog's Masterclass. Morning After Ray Bradbury Dept. 'The green feather of nausea blew through his intestines as if, during the night, he had polished off a keg of dandelion wine.' (Jeffrey Ford, The Cosmology of the Wider World, 2005) [MM]

Dept of Dynamic Cartography. 'The meridian drifted at a thousand miles an hour across the Pacific ...' (Bill Napier, Nemesis, 1998) [CM]

Planetary Colony Disaster Dept. 'We found that all the planets were being drawn quickly towards the sun, and the effect this extra-sudden dash had on Mars was catastrophic. All the oxygen, we learned from the one lucky space-ship crew who got back safely, was absorbed into space by the action of a violent earthquake ...' (Terence Haile, Galaxies Ahead, 1963)

(Ansible 253)