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Thog's Masterclass. Dept of Gourmet Thrills: 'His lips were on hers, pressing so hard she could feel the teeth beneath. His tongue followed after. Thin and dry and tough as old leather, it bore the vestiges of his last meal on its length.' (J.V. Jones, Master and Fool, 1997) [LS]

• 'An old friend and they had lost touch to such a degree that, when death came, it did so unknowingly.' (Isaac Asimov, Forward the Foundation, 1993) [PB]

• 'His eyes slid over the tall Edenist's shoulders ...' (Peter F. Hamilton, The Neutronium Alchemist, 1997) [KB]

Dept of Dermatology (Non-SF): 'But her skin was delicate and an extraordinary colour, a pale greeny-gold like apples seen under water.' (P.D. James, Original Sin, 1994) [PB]

• 'Once, while living in Boston, her apartment had been robbed.' (Harlan Ellison, 'Broken Glass') [GW]

Dept of Subtle Nomenclature (Bad Guys Division): '... Trollocs are divided into tribelike bands. The known tribes include the Ahf'frait, Al'ghol, Bhansheen, Dhjin'nen, Ghar'ghael, Ghob'hlin, Gho'hlem, Ghraem'lan, Ko'bal, Kno'mon, Dha'vol and the Dhai'mon.' (Robert Jordan & Teresa Patterson, The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, 1997)

(Ansible 127)