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Thog's Masterclass. 'Vienna, in that perfunctory way of hers, has sighed and spread her legs to be shagged by the winter solstice.' (Adrian Mathews, Vienna Blood, 1999)

Dept of It Grows On You: 'She was the kind who grew up with suitors, had powerful men with roses on their knees before her ...' (Fay Weldon, 'Inside the Whale', 1999) [SP]

• 'Crane had slid into the ranks of Washington's elite – well, the semi-elite, the under-elite – like a gilded suppository.' (Robert Charles Wilson, Darwinia, 1998) [PB]

• 'She raised her eyebrows and stepped away from them, but not so far that she couldn't eavesdrop.' (Jonathan Lethem, Amnesia Moon, 1995) [EW]

'Down, Fido' Dept: 'His eye jumped to the chair where he'd been sitting.' (Mark Frost, The 6 Messiahs, 1995) [PB] ... 'Excitement leaped like a trout in the public trousers.' (Thomas Harris, Hannibal, 1999) [LG]

(Ansible 144)