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Thog's Masterclass. Dept of Canine Ejaculation. 'The minister's wife [Madam Ho] let out a Pekinese whelp.' (Colin Cotterill, The Woman Who Wouldn't Die, 2013) [MH]

Physio Dept. 'Connie's brows swept down over her pale eyes.' 'She swayed, unsteady, as her stagnant blood moved down into her legs.' 'She moved the heels of her hands until they rested over her closed eyes, exhaling in the darkness behind her eyelids.' (Katherine Howe, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, 2009) [PB]

Dept of Feminist Awareness. 'Her breasts were a smaller version of the woman herself – massive, firm and overpoweringly impressive.' (Isaac Asimov, Foundation and Earth, 1986) [SM] 'For a zoologist, a profession which tends to recruit the plainer girls, Shirley was outstandingly attractive.' (Chapman Pincher, Not with a Bang, 1965) [AR] 'Like many scientists, only about a quarter of his wakened time could have been spent in the presence of any wife.' (Ibid) 'He watched her drift out of earshot, her bottom, which had a life of its own, giving her dress a delightful motion.' (Ibid)

Necropody Dept. 'The dead men's shoes remained filled by agile feet.' (Ibid)

Reacting to Mass Suicide at the Seaside. 'On the shore, some of the young watchers screamed out hysterically, pressing their clenched fists to their faces, as they had done so often under happier circumstances.' (Ibid)

Anatomy Dept. 'She owned a pair of well-filled legs ...' 'His tie hung limply like a lost erection.' 'His pale, watery eyes seemed to penetrate beyond the skin.' '"Coffee," he said, his voice as cool as his neck was hot.' 'The gaudy decor bounced off his eyeballs ...' (all from Kitty Sewell, Ice Trap, 2005) [PB]

Dept of Modest Understatement. 'The main asteroid belt is over six million miles long ...' (David V. Reed, Murder In Space, May 1944 Amazing Stories; more below) [BA]

True Romance (Hard-Boiled Dept). 'Butler pumped hard now and felt himself getting crazy. Somebody had stuffed eight pigeons up his ass and he felt like he was going to explode. The pigeons flew through his penis and he bit his lip as they flew out the tip. He hung onto her shoulders for support and she fell back against the mirror on the wall, her eyes rolling in her head, because the pigeons had flown into her egg roll and were flapping their wings around in there.' (Philip Kirk, Chinese Roulette, 1984) [AR]

(Ansible 318)