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Thog's Masterclass. 'A silence descended like steel doors slamming down around the room.' (James P. Hogan, Voyage from Yesteryear, 1982) [JB]

• 'The second pair made ineffectual grabs at him and Lin lashed out with bunched fists, feeling a solid crunch run up his arms from his knuckles.' (A.V. Clarke & H.K. Bulmer, Cybernetic Controller, 1952) [BA]

Dept of Hello Sailor! 'His hands began to probe [the lady] more fiercely. / No, not that way. She required the same delicate, experienced touch as the sails and the tiller of the Pegeen.' (Andrew M. Greeley, Ascent Into Hell, 1983) [PB]

Dept of Low-Slung Cheeks: 'The tears burned his cheeks as they ran down under his shirt collar.' (James Patterson, Cat & Mouse, 1997) [PB]

Dept of Eyeballs in the Sky: 'She slid off the passenger's seat; then, with folded hands, in the traditional gesture of greeting, she lowered her eyes, luminous and kohl-rimmed, to the ground.' (Mary Anne Weaver, 'Gandhi's Children, New Yorker, 10 Jan) [MMW]

• 'I fought free of her clenches, and now the only thing between she and I, is an unfilled coffin. And this Lamona, whom once I loved, is now an irksome creature, and as she stalks about the open bier, my love is consumed by the horror. For from off her bones there drips decay, and as the light palpitates with each fleeting, beating, throbbing of this exhausted heart, I perceive two eyes of black groping nearer.' (R.D. Peters, 'Lamona', Times, Thoughts ... Words, 1993) [ED/GF]

(Ansible 150)