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Thog's Masterclass. 'In her new, improved mood, Thea didn't even mind the unfortunate presence of Glenda Rossner and the heat-seeking missile that passed for Glenda's mouth.' ... 'Biederman also knew how to avoid hanging himself with his own tongue.' ... 'Now, every time she checked, the answering machine was flashing like a festering boil.' ... 'Thea's stomach fisted.' (all Judith Kelman, One Last Kiss, 1994) [PB]

• 'Serpents. Nightmare apparitions of gelatinous flesh that hardened on the instant to steel-cable sinew and muscle. Serpentine forms of protoplasm that ripped and tore with tentacular pseudopods as they streaked like lightning through the air, frightful jaws agape for prey. Serpents that were neither reptile, animal nor insect, but giant amoebae evolved to giant size and appalling activity.' (Frank Edward Arnold, 'The Twilight People' in Wings Across Time, 1946) [BA]

(Ansible 142)