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Thog's Masterclass. Zen and the Gateless Gate. 'The fence stretched on endlessly, somehow, and the mud of spring was thick under Walt's feet. Tired of looking for a gate or door, he made a brace with his hands and boosted Lenore over, then popped up atop the gate and, with some struggling, managed to swing his heavy legs over.' (Nick Mamatas, 'Dead Media' in The Nickronomicon, 2014)

Neat Tricks. '... after a moment the hand reappeared, curved round the door and slowly drew it shut, leaving bloody fingerprints on the woodwork.' (Gerald Durrell, 'The Entrance' in The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium, 1979) [BA]

Dept of Anatomy. 'The worst leg cramp in history hit every muscle in his body at once.' (James Corey, Leviathan Wakes, 2011) [AT]

Optimism Dept. 'Ethan spoke to him, using the language of the Tzar which he had learned in the age a million years before this, and which he hoped was still spoken in this further time ...' (Edmond Hamilton, 'Armies From the Past', Weird Tales, 1939) [BA]

Early Disco Lighting. 'The nigrine candles, suitable to the deed, cast their black light throughout the Sanctum ...' (H. Warner Munn, 'The Diary' in Lost Fantasies 6, 1977) [BA]

Fashion Dept. 'The joke came from a brunette wearing seamed stockings and a mole beside her mouth.' (Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Murder in the Central Committee, 1981; trans 1984 by Patrick Camiller) [PB]

Music of the Spheres. 'As Gladys jumped out of bed, all her orbs visually jingled like bells.' (Ibid)

Dept of Something In His Eye. 'Santos spoke with passion; even, one might have said, with a moist warmth in those eyes which harboured the immortal remains of his friend and comrade Fernando Garrido.' (Ibid)

True Romance Dept. 'The car stopped and they kissed, Carvalho's tongue on the edge of the abyss, hers lightly perched on the railings.' (Ibid)

(Ansible 358)